Learn English with LetThemTalk over Skype and in London

At LetThemTalk we believe that the best way of learning a language is through speaking. With traditional courses you sit in a classroom at a desk and follow a teacher who is given you lots of exercises from a book. At LetThemTalk we believe that studying grammar and doing exercises is important too but you can do that in your own time with your own books or one of the many resources on the internet. When you are with a teacher you want to talk about your life, about current events, about art, about music whatever interests you. 

Why come to LetThemTalk?

  • We'll have conversations about things that interest you
  • We'll correct your grammar mistakes and explain why and how to say it correctly
  • We'll correct your pronunciation. We can't promiise you'll sound like a native speaker after a few lessons with us but your pronunciation will certainly improve.
  • You'll learn new vocabulary
  • You'll learn some new and useful expressions. 
Having started in Paris in 2007 LetThemTalk UK have now arrived in London. At the moment we are offering English conversation lessons at a café in central London once a week. French conversation lessons twice a week and Japanese conversation lessons on an irregular basis. In addition LetThemTalk UK are offering Skype English lessons with native teachers and short study trips to London and (coming soon) to Malta too.More courses coming soon!

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