About Us

At LetThemTalk  we believe that the best way to learn a language is to speak it. Our partners at LetThemTalk France started offering English conversation workshops in Paris in 2007. The idea came about when we realized that there was a lack of opportunity to speak the English in the (always too formal) classroom because most language schools were offering exercise based learning and even learning through exercises on computers.

Real and Interesting Conversations

At LetThemTalk we believe in having real conversations about things that affect your everyday life, we believe that learning a language should and can be interesting and fun and that all those grammar exercises (which are important) you should do at home and not with the teacher. This idea seems to be catching on because we now offer lessons seven days a week. We teach businesses, private students and we now offer French conversation courses too. 

Now in the UK

In 2012 we opened LetThemTalk UK. Here we are currently offering English study trips over short periods such as weekends, and on Skype English, French and Japanese lessons.  Our focus, as always, is on conversation. All our teachers are native speakers, qualified and with experience in TEFL. Our management team of Yoko and Gideon is here to answer your questions. 

Contact us

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