Business Japanese Conversation for the Advanced Level


“Where can I find a practical business Japanese conversation lesson?”


Talking business is so exciting! But where can you learn it in a conversational format. 


You won’t be taking an MBA here, but what you will learn are skills that will help you to perform effectively in a Japanese business environment. 


Think about your great experience with business lessons taken in a foreign language that you will never forget! 


Do you have any? 


We won’t be following any business textbooks with written exercises, instead learning based on situations and roleplays


Have you already written your CV in Japanese? Your CV is your starting point. 


Some of your skills that you will learn include:

  • CV in Japanese
  • Self-introduction in Japanese 
  • Job interviews 
  • Telephone interviews
  • How to write business emails
  • How to give a presentation 
  • How to give feedback 
  • Negotiation skills 
  • Disagreeing and agreeing in a business context

and much more …


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