Everyday Japanese Conversation

Upper-Intermediate Level 


 “When can I start to speak Japanese?”



You have been learning Japanese for some time but you lack confidence when speaking Japanese. You know some Japanese grammar and hiragana and katakana. No worries! You have just rarely had the chance to practise spoken Japanese! You are in the right place to start speaking Japanese. 


This level is for those who know some Japanese but speak just a little. You might need some explanation helps in English/German/French (mother tongue), but you are motivated to speak Japanese. 


We have online Skype group lessons upper-intermediate level. 


  • How many participants in a lesson?: max. 4 participants
  • How long is one lesson?: 1 hour
  • What do you need?: be there on time with a motivation and smile, preferably on a regular basis. 
  • What are we going to do?: we speak in Japanese and your grammatical mistakes will be corrected and explained by a native speaker, Yoko, and her notes will be shared so not need to take notes during lessons. 
  • What are we going to talk about?: we talk about many different things such as self-introduction, hobbies, what you like and do not like, politics, environmental issues, economy, etc. 
  • When?: to be confirmed.
  • How much?: 15 EUR a lesson


If you are interested in this workshop, let me know by email. 


Looking forward to hearing from you! 



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