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Where to Start

I want to improve my English.

You can start straight away. We have online one-to-one lessons with experienced teachers.

I know a little English from school. But I cannot speak well.

That’s ok. Our teachers will help you learning English according to your needs. When would you like to start?

Our online one-to-one lessons are tailor made to fit your needs. So you can tell your teacher directly what you want.


Our Prices

one-to-one lessons

buy one lesson / h  35€
buy ten lessons 300€
buy twenty lessons 550€

How to Book

I want to book the first lesson. What should I do?

You can buy lessons online. Then I will contact you to arrange the first lesson.

Buy Now!

You can buy here!

 If you are in Paris …

If you live in Paris, we have face to face workshops. You can contact Gideon.

You can learn English for free at our YouTube channel.


Podcast Zeitgeist Banana

You can listen to our free Podcast.


LetThemTalk Online

Hi! I am Yoko from Tokyo. I am your contact person for the online lessons. I am also your Japanese teacher.

LetThemTalk Online Japanese and English
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