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Where to Learn Practical Japanese Conversation

It’s time to improve my Japanese.

Are you getting frustrated, because you’ve been learning Japanese for a while but you’re making little headway?

Yes. I know the grammar… How can I learn a Japanese conversation? I just want to speak Japanese.

You have been learning Japanese for a considerable time, but you are not confident with your spoken Japanese simply because you hardly speak any Japanese. I have lessons especially for you. 

If you fancy learning practical Japanese conversation, you are in the right place. This is not where you learn Japanese grammar following Japanese language textbooks. There are lots of places where you can do that. What we are offering is the chance to improve your spoken Japanese for personal or professional reasons with a structured lesson based around conversation.

One small change can improve your Japanese speaking ability dramatically. Are you having fun learning Japanese! If not, something is wrong!

How to Learn Japanese with Joy

Japanese grammar is difficult… How can I learn Japanese in a way that is fun?

You want to start learning Japanese but it is a struggle to work on grammar and pronunciation by yourself. If you want to learn Japanese grammar in a practical way, then you are in the right place. You will see your progress by practising Japanese. That is the secret of joy!

Our method is developed to improve your spoken Japanese. Conventional courses follow text books that are often dated. We focus on conversation. To be able to converse in Japanese, you need to learn how to speak as well as listen in many different situations. If that’s what you want then you’ve come to the right place.

Where to Start

I don’t know where to start.

Contact us for an assessment where you will talk with me and I will assess your level and suggest your the class that best suits you.

LetThemTalk offer conversation workshops, we’ll check your speaking ability and then put you in one of three levels:

  • beginner :  You have just started learning Japanese. You know just a few words and expressions.
  • intermediate : You can hold a Japanese conversion but might need a little support and explanation in your own language (we speak English, German and French).
  • advanced : You can hold a Japanese conversation. The lesson will be 100% in Japanese. The explanations and support will be in Japanese.

I have been learning Japanese for two years.

You might be in our intermediate or advanced class. Contact us for an assessment lesson.

How Much /料金表

workshops hours prices
Japanese group conversation 60 min 15€
Japanese group business 60 min 23€
Japanese one-to-one 60 min 35€
one assessment lesson (Japanese) 30 min 6€

How to Book our Workshops/予約方法

If you are ready to start,

Step 1

Buy an assessment workshop

Step 2

Make an appointment with Yoko

Step 3

Hold an assessment workshop

Step 4

Get your level assessment for the next workshop

Step 5

Start a lesson

Our Prices/料金

We can send you our bank information in UK for UK residents. Or you can buy here!

About Workshops/レッスンについて

We offer three types of workshops : group conversation, business (group) and one-to-one (private lessons). If you are a beginner, you will be most likely to take our one-to-one lessons to catch up with our intermediate level group. One-to-one lessons are tailored made.

You can talk with Yoko about what you want to improve during your assessment workshop.


Everyday Conversation/日常会話

We have two levels : intermediate and advanced (100% Japanese). You are going to speak in Japanese but you will get explanations in your own language (Yoko speaks English, French and German).

Yoko encourages you to speak Japanese as much as possible. You need to prepare for the lesson as well as revise the lesson. Since Yoko is an accredited facilitator and mediator, Yoko uses these skills in the conversation classes.

I am not a conventional language teacher. I regard myself as a facilitator to help you learning Japanese that you can use in the real life. I am a professional interpreter, too.

Business Conversation/ビジネス会話

We talk about business in Japanese. We don’t follow any Japanese business text books for Japanese learners. We use real business contexts and learn about business in Japanese. CV, business emails, business telephone calls, PowerPoint presentation, meeting facilitation, writing protocols, simulation of a start-up, customer complaints etc.

Yoko trains you to be able to work with the Japanese.












Yoko’s self-learning texts (free!)

If you want to learn by yourself, I have some useful texts for you.

If you are in Paris …

If you are in Paris, we offer you face to face Japanese and English workshops. Contact us.

LetThemTalk Online

Hi! I am Yoko from Tokyo. I am your contact person for the online lessons. I am also your Japanese teacher.

LetThemTalk Online Japanese and English
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